iBelink BM N3 Mini Review

Diving into the world of cryptocurrency mining can be daunting, but the iBeLink BM N3 Mini might just be the game-changer you’re looking for. With its impressive specs and user-friendly design, it’s catching the eyes of enthusiasts and beginners alike.

In this text, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the iBeLink BM N3 Mini stand out in the crowded mining market. Whether you’re curious about its performance, efficiency, or how it stacks up against competitors, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started and uncover if this miner is the key to unlocking your crypto potential.

ModeliBeLink BM-N3 Mini
ReleaseAugust 2023
Hashrate1.8 Th/s
Size170 x 88 x 178mm
Noise Level35db
iBeLink BM-N3 Mini Hardware Specs

When you’re in the market for mining hardware, understanding the specs is crucial. Let’s jump into what makes the iBelink BM N3 Mini a standout option for your mining operations.


First off, the heartbeat of any mining device is its hashrate. And the iBelink BM N3 Mini doesn’t disappoint. Capable of hitting a maximum hashrate of 1.8 Th/s, this little powerhouse packs a big punch. Whether you’re just getting started in the mining game or looking to expand, its performance is impressive for its size, ensuring you’re mining CKB efficiently and effectively.

Power Consumption

Power is where the rubber meets the road. The iBelink BM N3 Mini shines with an optimal power consumption of only 295W at its peak performance. In low power mode, it drops even further to 185W with a hashrate of 1.3 Th/s. This balance between power and performance means you can keep your electricity bills in check while still churning out a significant amount of CKB.

Cooling System

Overheating? Not a problem with the iBelink BM N3 Mini. This unit is designed with two fans that keep the system running smoothly at a noise level of just 35db. This makes it not only efficient but also quiet – a perfect fit for home or small office settings. Its ability to operate in temperatures up to 40°C ensures your mining operation keeps going strong, even on those hotter days.

With these features, the iBelink BM N3 Mini stands out as a robust, efficient, and user-friendly device tailored for modern mining needs. Whether you’re expanding your mining operation or just starting out, this miner offers a compelling solution to explore.

Nervos Miner
iBeLink BM-N3 Mini CKB

The iBeLink BM-N3 Mini CKB Miner, released in August 2023, is a compact and efficient mining device manufactured by iBeLink. It targets the Eaglesong algorithm, suitable for mining Nervos Network’s CKB cryptocurrency. Its design focuses on high efficiency, with a significant hash rate of 1.8Th/s at a low power consumption rate of 295W, and operates quietly at 35dB, making it an ideal choice for small-scale miners looking for a low-noise operation. The miner’s compact size and weight (2170g without packaging) ensure it doesn’t take up much space, whatever the setting.

You’re diving into the world of blockchain and, more specifically, into the intricacies of mining hardware. The iBelink BM N3 Mini, a notable player in the mining industry, has features that might catch your interest, especially if you’re keen on emerging blockchains or looking to expand your mining setup. Let’s unpack what makes this device stand out in terms of performance.

Mining Capabilities

The iBelink BM N3 Mini is engineered to mine on the Eaglesong algorithm, catering to the CKB (Nervos Network). With a maximum hashrate of 1.8Th/s for a power consumption of just 295W, it’s designed to pack a punch without sending your electricity bill through the roof. Whether you’re a newbie to the mining scene or looking to add efficiency to your operation, this miner promises a blend of performance and power efficiency that’s hard to ignore. Its operation is supported by specs that ensure it delivers, including a robust cooling system with two fans to keep it running smoothly.

Imagine this – it’s like having a high-performance sports car that’s surprisingly economical on fuel, making every hash count without wasting unnecessary power.


Speaking of power, let’s talk efficiency. The iBelink BM N3 Mini offers a low power mode that runs at 1.3 Th/s while consuming only 185W. This level of efficiency stands out, particularly when you’re scaling operations and every watt counts. The device’s architecture is built to maximize output while minimizing energy use, an essential factor for long-term sustainability in mining operations.

Efficiency isn’t just about power consumption, though. It’s about the miner’s overall design and features – like its size w/o dimensions of 170 x 88 x 178mm, making it compact enough for various setups without compromising on efficacy. The sound level is another highlight, operating at a mere 35db, so it won’t sound like a jet engine in your workspace.

By integrating these elements – strong mining capabilities and remarkable efficiency – the iBelink BM N3 Mini stands as a formidable option for those looking to investigate into the world of cryptocurrency mining or expand their digital treasure trove.

  • Energy Efficient: With a power consumption of only 295W, it’s an economical choice for continuous mining operations.
  • Highly Specialized: Optimized for the Eaglesong algorithm, enhancing its mining efficiency for Nervos (CKB).
  • Quiet Operation: At just 35dB, it’s one of the quieter miners on the market, barely noticeable in a typical home or office environment.
  • Limited Mining Options: Dedicated to mining Nervos (CKB), which might limit miners interested in diversifying their mining activities.
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensitivity: Best performance requires maintaining operation within specific temperature (0 – 40 °C) and humidity (0 – 65%) ranges, which may necessitate additional climate control in some environments.


The iBelink BM N3 Mini stands out as an efficient, powerful solution for your cryptocurrency mining needs. Its balance of performance and energy efficiency, coupled with a user-friendly design, makes it an excellent choice whether you’re starting out or scaling up. The device’s low noise level and effective cooling system ensure it fits seamlessly into any setup, minimizing disruption while maximizing output. If you’re looking to jump into CKB mining or enhance your current operations, the iBelink BM N3 Mini deserves a spot in your arsenal. Its capabilities promise to optimize your mining potential, marking a smart move in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hashrate of the iBelink BM N3 Mini CKB?

The iBelink BM N3 Mini CKB offers a high-performance hashrate of 1.8Th/s at a power consumption of 295W, providing an efficient mining experience.

Can the iBelink BM N3 Mini operate at lower power?

Yes, the device features a low power mode that operates at 1.3Th/s with a reduced power consumption of 185W, emphasizing energy efficiency for miners.

What algorithm does the iBelink BM N3 Mini use?

The iBelink BM N3 Mini is designed specifically for CKB mining and operates on the Eaglesong algorithm, suitable for this cryptocurrency.

Is the iBelink BM N3 Mini suitable for beginners?

Absolutely, with its compact design, low noise level of 35db, and user-friendly operation, the iBelink BM N3 Mini is a compelling option for beginners looking to enter cryptocurrency mining.

How does the cooling system of the iBelink BM N3 Mini work?

The device features a robust cooling system designed to maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring long-term efficiency and reliability for the mining device.


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