Gigabyte 1080 Ti Aorus

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Core Clock Speed : 1898 Memory Clock Speed : 5355 Driver version : Latest Mining Software : EWBF's Algorithm : Zcash Speed : 740sol/s
Temperature 72°C with these clocks and 100% power limit. You can get higher speed by raising the power limit (~800sol/s) but it results in much higher temperatures.
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2017-07-12 04:08:06

the trade off is always temp/power vs elec costs etc, you wont get 740-800s/s with 75% power, (usually around the 680s/s) but you end up with a temp of 60c (and fan at 75%) instead, you should alwo be able to increase the mem speed by 500mhz instead, personally on my pny 1080TI I'm actually running at 825mhz mem, and with 100% power you can try for higher, some 1080TIs will happily run with 1000Mhz mem, though you're liable to be upping the power again, which also means increases in temp depending on your cooling etc

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