• Ibelink BM-KS Max Review

    iBeLink BM-KS Max Review: 10.5Th/s Kaspa Mining Profits

    Discover the power of iBeLink BM-KS Max in our latest review. Offering an impressive 10.5Th/s hashrate and efficient 3400W power consumption, this miner excels in Kaspa mining with its KHeavyHash algorithm. Its advanced cooling system ensures durability and peak performance, promising long-term profitability for serious miners.


  • Iceriver KS2 Review

    Iceriver KS2 Review: The Ultimate Kaspa Miner’s Dream

    Discover the Iceriver KS2’s power in Kaspa mining with a hashrate of 2000Gh/s, low power usage of 1200W, and a compact design tailored for efficiency. Ideal for various setups, it’s a game-changer for miners seeking top performance and integration ease.


  • Iceriver KS3 Review

    Iceriver KS3 Review: 8000Gh/s Kaspa Miner

    Explore the Iceriver KS3, the sought-after powerhouse for Kaspa mining, delivering an unparalleled 8000Gh/s hashrate with just 3200W power usage. Dive into how it’s reshaping mining efficiency and eco-friendliness.


  • Iceriver KS3L Review

    Iceriver KS3L Review: Kaspa Mining Efficiency & Power

    Discover the Iceriver KS3L, a powerhouse miner with a 5000Gh/s hashrate for Kaspa blockchain’s KHeavyHash algorithm. This review delves into its efficiency, balancing 3200W power consumption with top-notch cooling features for optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. A must-read for miners seeking high performance.


  • Antminer KS5 Pro Review

    Bitmain Antminer KS5 Pro Review: Revolutionizing Kaspa Mining

    Dive into the Bitmain Antminer KS5 Pro review, the powerhouse of Kaspa mining with a 21Th/s hash rate, energy efficiency at 3150W, and an advanced cooling system for optimum performance in conditions 0 – 45°C. A must-read for miners aiming to elevate their operations.


  • Iceriver KS0 Review

    Iceriver KS0 Review: Next-Gen Kaspa Mining Efficiency Unveiled

    Discover the Iceriver KS0 miner: a game-changer in the Kaspa sphere with a 100Gh/s hashrate, ultra-efficient 65W power usage, and whisper-quiet operation at 10db. Ideal for eco-conscious miners, it promises top performance and sustainability.